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The Good Landlord PAC was created to provide small landlords an opportunity to be heard in the housing discussions currently being dominated by very vocal pro tenant activists who blame our current housing crisis on the very group that has done more to maintain affordable housing and foster good tenant relations than any other group for decades.

Many small landlords work full time jobs and spend their evenings and weekends prepping and repairing their vacant property to provide clean, safe and affordable homes for tenants. Their goal is stability; vacant properties generate no income and the costs of tenant turnover can easily set a landlord back several thousand dollars.

Many owners of single family rentals today were caught in the great real estate recession of the last decade who to protect their good credit, held on to houses they no longer lived in due to relocation, changing family situations, or often, because they couldn't afford the mortgage. Renting them out and paying hundreds of dollars monthly to "subsidize" the overhead, they became what is now known as the "unintended landlords" of our times.

The most common talking point among these owners goes like this: "I know I could probably get more rent, but my tenants take care of the place and I don't want to see them move". The tenants take care of the place because the owners take care of the tenants. It's that simple.

Your donation of $25 to $50 will help make the politicians of our state take notice of these true stake-holders who commit their hard earned dollars and valuable time to providing more housing at their own personal risk by qualifying for mortgages, being responsible for ever-rising taxes and utility costs, and committing future income to maintenance and repairs. They do this knowing that their property is an asset that may grow in value but is certain to require upkeep and renovation expenses with each passing year.

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